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From the Gold Rush to Federation

At our meeting yesterday our member Jan Brady, Historian and Publisher, gave our attendees a history lesson with her presentation ” A brief history of Australia 1850-1901 – Gold rush to Federation – the third in a series of talks about the 18th and 19th century history of Australia for Family Historians.” It was a lively talk injected with humour as Jan, who was once a teacher, involved the audience in her presentation. Everyone was kept on their toes as Jan regularly stopped her presentation to seek opinions from audience members, Jan challenged us to think about the times in which our ancestors lived and how these impacted on their lives.

Jan generously shared her notes and Powerpoint presentation which are available as .pdf files from the links below. Please remember that Jan owns the copyright on these items, they are shared here for your reference and personal use.

Jan Brady – Powerpoint:a brief-history-of-australia-1850-to-federationDownload

A “Wonderful” Presentation

Kerry Farmer’s talk on Immigration at Hornsby Library yesterday was an outstanding success. One attendee described it as “wonderful” and many audience members told our coordinator, Coral, how much they appreciated her talk. Information about the talk and links can be found here on Kerry’s website.


Coral Shand introduces Kerry Farmer

It was pleasing that 47 members and visitors came along to hear Kerry, our first guest presenter, speak. That is the the largest attendance we have had at one of our meetings to date. Thanks to Neil Chipendale and Hornsby Library for organising sponsorship for this event. Thanks also to Karen  Richardson for taking photos of the event.


Coral, Kerry and Jan Brady after the presentation

SIX Maps

Jan Brady has generously shared the Powerpoint slides and handout from her presentation on SIX Maps given at our meeting yesterday.

Jan has suggested that you download and print her handout and use it as a guide as you explore the site.

SIX MAPS Powerpoint presentation for Family History Group (NB this is a Powerpoint file)

USING SIX MAPS Handout (.pdf File)