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Hornsby Shire Recollects

Last night Robert and I and joined several other local history history enthusiasts at a function at Hornsby Central Library where a new interactive online digital resource, Hornsby Shire Recollects, was launched. I was attending as a representative of the Hornsby Shire Family History Group.

The database claims to “provide easy online access to a rich store of heritage material relating to Hornsby Shire, its people, and events.”

Hornsby Shire Recollects Home Page

The three speakers, Hornsby Mayor Phillip Ruddock, Associate Professor Carol Liston and Hornsby MP Matt Kean each spoke briefly about the importance of local history and heritage and then Mayor  Ruddock cut the celebratory cake.

Reference and Local Studies Librarian, Neil Chippendale, and Library staff member, Karen Richardson, then got to the good bit, a demonstration of this new tool which provides a user friendly platform to access Hornsby’s collection of digital resources supplemented with new additions from community organisations and local history enthusiasts. The new platform certainly appeared easier to search than the collections it replaced but I needed to try it out myself.

This afternoon I gave the database a run through. Logging on and creating an account was a simple process. Navigating the site was a breeze and the search mechanism was intuitive. I give it a thumbs up. Having heard the presentation and tried out the tool I am keen to add some resources from our family collection to the database.

The promotional material for the resource states ” you are also able to contribute your own knowledge and memories about the holdings, as well as create personal collections of your own.” I encourage all of our members to give the site a test drive and ponder on what you can do to contribute to this local resource. The Hornsby Shire Family History Group has the potential to make a major contribution to Hornsby Shire Recollects.

If  community members embrace this resource and share the photos and documents they have squirrelled away then Hornsby Shire Recollects will be a valuable resource, not just for people from the Hornsby Shire but for many with an interest in Australian history and heritage.

Jill Ball 21/11/2017



It’s an Honour

A quick perusal of the It’s an Honour Database indicates that several Hornsby People received awards in the 2017 Australia Day Honours List.

Some of the awardees are:
BOYAGES, John – Cheltenham
CHILTON, Roger Henry – Hornsby
CHOW, Roberta Therese – Beecroft
FAHEY, James Robert – Thornleigh
HECTOR, Donald Charles – Beecroft
LISTON, Carol Ann – Beecroft
MAXWELL, William Chisholm – Beecroft
MOLAN, Lynnette Jean – Cherrybrook
NETTHEIM, Dawn Esther – Beecroft
PARK, Archibald – Cheltenham

We send our congratulations to these people from our Shire.


Lest we forget

Duncan, Frank PoppiesWhile on Remembrance Day, November 11,  we remember all who served we pay special homage to those from Hornsby Shire who made the ultimate sacrifice.

You can read the stories of many of these men on the Hornsby Library site here: http://www.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/library/resources-and-research/local-history/hornsby-at-war

Heritage Event at Wallarobba

P1010002Our Group  will be one of the “Historical groups from around Hornsby Shire”  having a presence at Wallarobba this coming Saturday. Please consider coming along to this event and please pop into The Artists’ Lounge to say g’day to us.

The details of the event were posted on Hornsby Council’s website:

“Posted: Wednesday 21 October, 2015

To celebrate the Hornsby Heritage Awards, Council will be hosting an afternoon garden party complete with vintage-themed entertainment and activities.

It will be held in the beautifully restored heritage building Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre on Saturday 31 October, with food and exhibitions.

There will be a presentation for the winners of the Hornsby Heritage Awards, which acknowledge outstanding work in the community that helps to maintain places of historical significance or promotes heritage.

Partygoers can relax to the smooth sounds of Gramophone Man, a regular at events such as the Sydney Festival, who plays original shellac 78 records from the 1920s, 30s and 40s from his steam powered mobile DJ rig.

Historical groups from around Hornsby Shire will provide a glimpse into life as it was in times past, and there is also the chance to try writing with quill and ink, using washboards or playing old school games.

For more information, visit www.fota.com.au

WHEN: Saturday 31 October, 1pm-5pm
WHERE: Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre, 25 Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby
COST: Free”