Mission and Aims

Mission:  “Bringing people together to share family history resources and information”

HSFHG Members

HSFHG Members

All individuals with an interest in Family History are welcome to join The Hornsby Shire Family History Group. We welcome members from within and outside the Hornsby Shire who wish to learn about family history in Australia and beyond.

We aim to:

  • Promote the pursuit of genealogy in the Hornsby Shire
  • Stimulate interest in, and encourage the recording of family history
  • Collect and preserve genealogical information on Hornsby people
  • Support the creation of local history files and indexes at Hornsby Shire Library
  • Provide volunteers to assist Hornsby Library patrons with genealogy research
  • Assist with the collection of materials for the Hornsby Library collection
  • Educate the membership and the public via workshops and seminars on family history topics
  • Facilitate the exchange of information through publications, group activities, or on a one-toone basis
  • Be an advocate in dealing with governments and other bodies on the importance of history and family history records, library resources
  • Liaise with similar organizations to reinforce efforts towards common goals

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