Trove Tuesday – Parklands Road

For today’s post we are focusing on one of the streets in our Shire, Parklands Road, Mount Colah. A search on Trove found several references to residents of that street. Perhaps you know the families mentioned.


It is interesting to note that two f these items are not from local area newspapers.


1950 ‘Family Notices’, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), 4 September, p. 14. , viewed 16 Jan 2017,


1952 ‘BUTTERCUPS OR BORONIAS: MIGRANTS’ CHOICE’, The Sunday Herald (Sydney, NSW : 1949 – 1953), 16 March, p. 2. , viewed 16 Jan 2017,


1963 ‘Boys Hurt In Bomb Blast’, The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 – 1995), 8 October, p. 3. , viewed 16 Jan 2017,

1953 ‘QUANDIALLA’, The Forbes Advocate (NSW : 1911 – 1954), 16 October, p. 14. , viewed 16 Jan 2017,




2 thoughts on “Trove Tuesday – Parklands Road

  1. Lilian Osborne

    I will try again to reply to this post. I don’t know what I did wrong before.

    I was interested to read this section about Parklands Road as I did know some of the people mentioned. In 1959 we bought a half acre block in Parklands Road with a little old house from Charles North and his third wife. They were married when they were both in their eighties. He was a lovely old man and a pleasure to know. This place was thought to be a little farm in those days, as there was a huge variety of fruit trees on this block, big chook yard, a wonderful vegetable garden and a delightful cottage garden. North Street was named after Charlie North, and after we subdivided the block many years later our address became North Street. When we came here we were the last house in the street, with beautiful bushland beyond us. North Street was just a small bush track with wildflowers everywhere, little waterfalls beside the track and Christmas Bells everywhere. Lovely memories of the early years here and climbing down the cliffs to swim in Calna Creek before the days of the sewerage works that are there now.

    Marjorie Playfair lived across the road from us with her husband and son David. I did know vaguely the other two boys involved in the bomb blast as there always seemed to be some sort of trouble going on with the local boys and their mischief.

    Lots of happy memories of days past.

    Regards Lilian

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