Susan Ramage at Hornsby Library

20160304_101806Several members of our Group were at Hornsby Library last Friday to hear local resident, Susan Ramage, discuss her book Kokoda Secret.  As she was researching the life of her father, eminent military man Lieutenant Colonel Ian Hutchison, Susan came across information that disproves previous theories about the battle for Eora Creek at Kokoda. She found that Japanese General Tomitaro Horii backdated his orders rather than admit defeat in the Battle of Eora Creek.

Susan related that the book is not just about Eora Creek but it is the story of her father and includes information on the Battles of Bardia and Tobruk in North Africa’s Western Desert Campaign of 1940-41, the Syrian Campaign of 1941, to the Kokoda Campaign of 1942, the Aitape-Wewak Campaign of 1945, the first two War Crimes Trials held in Wewak, New Guinea in 1945, concluding with the Korean War in 1952.

Susan suggests that, in the light of her findings about the Battle of Eora Creek, historians should re-examine other military activities in the Pacific region.



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