Geneareaders’ Circle

The activity for our next meeting on March 16 involves YOU. We are asking that you bring along a book that has educated, enriched, informed or inspired your family  history experience.
In this “Geneareaders’ Circle” moderator, Jill Ball, will ask you to stand up and, in a minute or two, give us the details of your book and tell us why you are nominating it. The success of this event depends on your participation  so please find a book and be prepared to share. We will publish a list of recommended titles here on our website after the event, we may even come up with a list of suggestions for Hornsby Library’s collection. 
An added bonus is that the activity will also give us an opportunity to get to know more of our fellow members. 
Jill has moderated this “Geneareaders’ Circle” activity on genealogy cruises and an online presentation and it has been well received. Here is one list that was produced from a similar  event:

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