More Opportunities for Research in 2016

At our meeting today our coordinator, Coral, announced that in 2016 we will be adding a second informal meeting to our schedule each month. We will meet in the Esther Wait room at Hornsby Central Library on the fourth Wednesday of each month from February to November from 10:00am to Noon. Please visit our Events page and mark the dates in your diaries.

Hornsby Library Display at today's meeting.

You can borrow these resources from Hornsby Library

This new session will provide us with opportunities to undertake several activities including socialising, working collaboratively on our research, helping fellow members to use the technology and facilities at Hornsby Library for research and working together on projects to benefit the Hornsby community.

The activity will enale us to work towards these Aims:

  • Promote the pursuit of genealogy in the Hornsby Shire
  • Stimulate interest in, and encourage the recording of family history
  • Collect and preserve genealogical information on Hornsby people
  • Support the creation of local history files and indexes at Hornsby Shire Library
  • Facilitate the exchange of information through publications, group activities, or on a one-toone basis

Thanks to Karen Richardson from Hornsby Library for organising this time for us and to Neil Chippendale and the team at Hornsby to their support of our efforts.


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