Genealogy Clinic


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A small band of enthusiastic volunteers from our Group, supported by Neil Chippendale, Local Studies Librarian, before 10am at Hornsby Library last Saturday for our first “Genealogy Clinic”, a National Family History Month event.

Thanks to Ann, Bronwyn  Jan, Jill, Judy, Lyn and Robert  who gave up their Saturday to support our Group and help local residents with their family history issues.Thanks also to Karen Richardson from the Library who prepared materials for our event.

Our program commenced at 10:30 with a talk on “Beginning Family History” from Jill Ball. The volunteers and Neil then opened the  “Genealogy Clinic”.

Although we had a small number of patients at our ‘Clinic’ we had an enormous amount of success in tracing their ancestors: one with a surname of Smith,one who had fibbed about his birthdate and changed his forename, someone in the wilds of Papua and another with unclear paternity. The genealogy resources freely available at Hornsby Library together with the  fresh eyes and experience of our volunteers contributed to our success.

Following are a few photos from our day. Unfortunately we neglected to take many as we got carried away chatting about our familys’ histories.

Those of us who attended had fun, Neil is already talking about doing it again for National Family History Month 2016.


Volunteer, Jan, welcomes our first guest


Jill Ball presents on Beginning Family History


Smiling volunteers sign up a new Group member


Some of our visitors chatted informally


Neil drew the winning entry for our NIGS Prize draw. Congratulations to Group member, Lyn, who won an online course.


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