Meet the Author _ Carol Baxter

A Hornsby Library event later this week

Meet the Author – Carol Baxter

Thursday 20 August, 6:30pm

Black Widow cover

Meet the Author of Black Widow: The true story of Australia’s first female serial killer.

She was known as ‘The Botany Murderess’ or ‘Lucretia Borgia of Botany Bay’. Found guilty of using arsenic to murder both her first and second husbands, Louisa Collins’ case immediately became the cause celebre of Australia.

Carol Baxter is an adjunct lecturer at the University of New England, fellow of the Society of Genealogists, and the very energetic author of An Irresistible Temptation,Breaking the Bank and Captain Thunderbolt and His Lady.

Venue:  Hornsby Library
Location: 28-44 George St (enter via Hunter Lane), Hornsby
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $5
Contact:  Hornsby Library
Phone:  9847 6614


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